Jameson Tavern, Freeport, Maine

Jameson Tavern, Freeport, Maine – Visit June 29, 2015

I loves me a restaurant that owns its ghosts and Jameson Tavern is one such honorable establishment. Two centuries after her tragic death in a fire, the spirit of a playful tyke named Emily scampers about the tavern throwing mustard bottles, causing pots and pans to crash noisily to the floor and clinking glasses hung above the bar. Sometimes people see just the hem of her dress as she disappears around a corner of the dining room; other times she’s seen playing with her ball in an upstairs hallway. Although active year round, Emily’s antics reportedly concentrate around the winter holidays. A second specter, one of a tall man in a black top hat, also haunts the tavern. This otherworldly gentleman is seen by the front door of the tavern but, unlike Emily, he doesn’t seem to interact much with the living.

One of the oldest operating taverns in Maine, the building was originally constructed as a residence in 1779. The menu at Jameson’s includes plenty of fresh seafood, as well as burgers and other temptin276ag foodstuff, all served in a causal atmosphere evocative of the Revolutionary War era in which it was built. Our lunch consisted of lobster cocktail (when in Maine…), Tavern Cobb Salad and a couple of refreshing beverages. Everything was delicious – the lobster was plump and sweet, served with lemon, melted butter and cocktail sauce; the salad was loaded with goodies generously heaped over a bed of crispy lettuce and cucumber. Yummy!

Neither Emily nor the man in the top hat made an appearance for us, but the staff was friendly and attentive, the ghost stories plentiful and the food mighty tasty. You can find Jameson Tavern at:

115 Main Street
Freeport, ME 04032
Phone: (207) 865-4196
Website: http://jamesontavern.com/

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