Bull Feeney’s, Portland, Maine

Bull Feeney’s, Portland, Maine – Visit June 29, 2015

I could extol the virtues of the Irish Pub for hours…especially the haunted ones. Bull Feeney’s is one of those comfortable, old-style pubs that serves great food and honest beverage to locals and tourists alike. The menu includes traditional Irish fare like potato-leek soup, shepherd’s pie and lamb stew, as well as beloved seaport favorites like clam chowder, mussels and lobster rolls. The menu is vast, so your challenge will be choosing amongst the toothsome offerings. And best of all, the pub is reportedly haunted.

Staff and patrons have described seeing women in period clothing on the main staircase near the bar and also in the upstairs tea rooms, accessible by that same stairway. According to our bartender, a patron once remarked how wonderful that the pub hired women in period clothing to entertain the guests! She had seen the women walking down the main staircase and thought the vintage look charming. The snag of course being, no one was hired to dress up and the women-in-question were apparently long-passed to the other side.

On a warm Monday evening, we perched ourselves at a comfortable table in a corner of the pub to await the ladies. With a view of the grand staircase, we ordered a snack of Power’s Irish Whiskey Mussels – mussels steamed in Irish whiskey, herbs and copious amounts of butter and garlic, served with a warm baguette. Add a glass of wine for me, a Mojito for my friend and we were happy girls. The mussels were warm, the broth savory and the drinks well chilled. As luck would have it though, the well-dressed she-ghosts deemed not to make an appearance.

Next time you’re in Portland, grab a table near the bar and look for the ladies on the stairs. You can find Bull Feeney’s at:

375 Fore Street
Portland, Maine 04101
Phone: (207) 773-7210

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