Country Tavern Restaurant, Nashua, New Hampshire

Visit to Country Tavern Restaurant – June 2, 2015

Centuries after her own tragic death, the spirit of a despondent young mother continues to wander in search for her brutally slain infant… meet Elizabeth Ford, Grande dame of Country Tavern. The restaurant was originally built as a farmhouse in 1741 by an English sea captain and his beautiful wife Elizabeth. As the story goes, the husband returned home from many months at sea to find his wife had given birth to the child of another. The cuckolded captain locked his wife in a closet and ruthlessly murdered the newborn symbol of her infidelity. After burying the baby under an apple tree, he released his wife from her makeshift prison; Elizabeth raged against the captain, resulting in her own demise and her lifeless body was thrown down a well beside the house.

Intrigued by reports of ghostly mischief, I set out for a late lunch with a friend in the hopes of enjoying some IMG_1330agood food, great company and possibly a glimpse of the lady of the house. Guests and staff have reported flying dinnerware, disembodied footsteps, shadows, cold spots, odd noises, and even the occasional full-body apparition. As we waited for the ethereal show, we ordered some crunchy tomato bruschetta, a steaming crock of melty onion soup and a savory French Dip sandwich. I’m not usually stirred by beef on bread, but I will admit that this was the best French Dip sandwich I’ve ever tasted. Alas, other than a few strange and unaccountable noises, no otherworldly disruptions occurred during our feast.

Although Elizabeth did not make an obvious appearance, we very much enjoyed the company of Joe, our bartender extraordinaire, as well as the food and Colonial-era atmosphere of this charming restaurant. You can find Country Tavern at:

452 Amherst Street
Nashua, NH 03063
Phone: (603) 889-5871

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