Brew Master’s Tavern, Williamsburg, Massachusetts

Visit to Brew Master’s Tavern – April 20, 2015

On a rainy Saturday morning in 1874, the Williamsburg reservoir burst through its dam, launching 600 million gallons of water down the Mill River valley towards Northampton and ultimately into the Connecticut River. En route, factories, farms and homes of five villages were scoured from their foundations and the souls of 139 people lost. Once recovered from the debris, the bodies of the dead were taken to a make-shift morgue in the basement of what is now the Brew Master’s Tavern, one of the few buildings left untouched by the deluge.

Originally constructed as a hotel in 1812, the building was destroyed by fire in 1873 and rebuilt just in time for the great flood. A friend told me that the apparition of a woman has been seen walking down the central staircase into the dining room – so off to lunch we went. The tavern menu consists of traditional American pub fare, including their own micro-brewed beer. As we munched on potato skins and grilled chicken taco salad, I had an awesome Opa Opa Brewery watermelon ale… yes, I said that, a deliciously light and dare I say refreshing watermelon ale. Who knew such a thing existed? But, back to the ghosts…

I’ve observed that some eateries “own” their specters and others, not so much. Brew Master’s Tavern seemed to fall into the latter category, until we got to the bar. Although the bartender could not confirm the presence of the mystery woman on the staircase, she did mention that people have heard the sounds of a child playing upstairs when no little ones were present. Other staff members mentioned seeing movement out of the corner of their eye or feeling like someone was standing behind them, but upon turning saw nothing. For now, the ghosts of Brew Master’s Tavern remain unnamed and their stories largely untold. It’s not clear who the woman and child were, whether they died in the flood, or if they are the only spirits roaming this cool old building.

If you find yourself in Williamsburg, stop in at the tavern and hoist a beer to the lady ghost and the little spirit. You can find Brew Master’s Tavern at:

4 Main Street
Williamsburg, MA 01096
Phone: (413) 268-7741

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