Haymarket Cafe, Northampton, Massachusetts

IMG_1130aVisit to Haymarket Cafe – February 19, 2015

A tragic accident binds the spirit of a young man to the cafe he frequented in life, pranking the kitchen staff and loitering in a downstairs restroom… so goes the story of Jason, the Haymarket ghost. Despite his circumstance, Jason is an amiable specter with a penchant for practical jokes, although I knew none of this before my friend Annie of Valley Ghost Tours told me she had an encounter with the Haymarket ghost. I was dying to know the details so we met to sample the edibles at this popular Northampton landmark.

Haymarket Cafe has a relaxing coffee-house atmosphere and a reputation for amazing baked goods, but the menu also boasts assorted soups, sandwiches and other cafe specialties to appease the appetite. Deciding what to eat is a bit of a challenge with tempting options like wild mushroom risotto, spinach lasagna and gruyere tart. I eventually settled on black beans and rice, served with sour cream and pico de gallo. Loaded with onions and corn and warmly spiced, I was a happy girl. My companion had sambar, a spicy lentil soup with dumplings, and was equally content with her meal.

So, what about the ghost? As Annie explained, she was hosting a small, private ghost tour last weekend and stopped at Haymarket to thaw out and check in on Jason. On entering Jason’s office (err, restroom), an invisible presence registered on their electromagnetic field (EMF) meter. Apparently happy to accommodate his guests, Jason responded to requests to move to and fro with the corresponding movements picked up by the EMF meter. For an encore, Jason stole a pair of gloves from one of the tour members. “Stole” may be a bit strong – perhaps “liberated them from the pockets in which they were snugly confined” is more appropriate. Almost immediately discovering the missing garments, the group returned to the restroom to find the gloves neatly perched on a shelf next to a stack of paper towels. Now that’s a ghost tour!

Next time you’re in Northampton, stop at Haymarket Cafe for something delicious and say “hi” to Jason – just make sure you have all of your belongings when you leave. You can find Haymarket Cafe at:

185 Main Street
Northampton, MA 01060
Phone: (413) 586-9969
Website: http://www.haymarketcafe.com

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