Tavern On Main, Chepachet, Rhode Island

IMG_0923aVisit to Tavern on Main – October 3, 2014

Patrons are in spirited company at Tavern on Main where specters haunt booth and bar and tales of ghostly mischief are plentiful. Built in the early 1700s, the former Stage Coach Tavern has seen a lot of history and not all peaceful. The building isn’t fancy, but has a distinct colonial feel – full of dark wood, hand-hewn beams and antique furnishings. A favorite venue for ghost hunters, at least four spirits are said to haunt the tavern, including the shadowy figure of a man who drifts across the first floor dining room; the ghost of Alice, slain by a jealous lover, who sits sorrowfully in a corner booth; an affable little boy haunts the first-floor ladies room; and Thomas Dorr (of 1842 Dorr’s Rebellion fame) manifests in the upstairs banquet room.

Tales of shattered glass, cold spots, misty apparitions and displaced tableware are common. Employees report hearing voices, even screams, when no one is about, lights turn on and off unexpectedly and the little ghost boy plays with the faucet in the ladies’ room. A television reportedly crashed to the floor behind the bar following anti-ghost taunts from a customer (TV is fine… tough guy was a little shaken). The little boy seems to like people and offers an impish grin just before he vanishes. There are conflicting stories about which ghosts are responsible for what mischief, but the tales are consistent enough to grab the attention of local and regional paranormal investigators, who visit the tavern often.

The menu is eclectic, so fear not finding something you’ll ???????????????????????????????like. I devoured the seasonal Pumpkin Chicken, which was roasted pumpkin-seed encrusted, served with pumpkin ravioli and washed down with a beer. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of this magnificent creation because my efforts at interior photography were thwarted – not sure if it was spirited intervention or operator error. What I can say is that this dish, although not particularly attractive, was delicious. My partner in crime had a tangy buffalo chicken wrap with seasoned curly fries… from what I heard, also quite tasty. Our server was happy to fill us in on ghostly happenings and I even picked up this cool t-shirt.

If you find yourself in Chepachet, be sure to stop in and “EAT, DRINK and be SCARY”. You can find Tavern on Main at:

1157 Putnam Pike
Chepachet, RI 02814
Phone: (401) 710-9788
Website: http://www.tavernonmainri.com

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