Jonathan Pasco’s Restaurant & Tavern, East Windsor, Connecticut

IMG_0827aVisit to Jonathan Pasco’s Restaurant & Tavern – July 20, 2014

A long-dead slave paces the attic; a ghostly boy-child hides by the front door; and Revolutionary War Captain Jonathan Pasco wanders the halls of the home he built over 230 years ago – just a small taste of the spirited events reported at Jonathan Pasco’s Restaurant & Tavern in East Windsor. The original house was built circa 1784, where Pasco lived with his wife Elizabeth and their 11 children. The restaurant has an intimate Colonial feel. Perhaps that’s because of the abundance of warm woodwork and fireplaces throughout, or maybe it’s because the souls of Jonathan, Elizabeth and at least two of their children persist in haunting the dining rooms.

I had the pleasure of brunch at Pasco’s a few Sundays ago. The brunch menu has traditional offerings like French toast sautéed in egg & rice crispy batter and pancakes made with ricotta cheese and blueberries, plus other goodies like Monte Cristo sandwiches and Chicken Devon crepes. My partner-in-crime and I started our feast with mimosas and muffins, IMG_0822adevoured some mixed fruit, and then settled in to eggs Benedict with beef tenderloin and smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. We ended our meal with Tiramisu and coffee. Quite tasty.

Reports of ghostly mayhem are plentiful and include the usual tricks – slamming doors, whispering, cold spots, tipping over glasses and the occasional full-body apparition. In addition, hands unseen are said to operate the automatic paper towel dispenser in the ladies room and also fiddle with the thermostat in an upstairs dining room. Some of the mischief is attributed to the two Pasco children, who died in the home of small pox, including the thermostat prank. All in a day’s work for this ethereal cast of characters.

The atmosphere at Jonathan Pasco’s is inviting and brunch was delightful. Be sure to ask your server about the ghosts – they seem not to be shy about sharing their experiences with interested guests. You can find Jonathan Pasco’s Restaurant & Tavern at:

31 South Main Street
East Windsor, CT 06088
Phone: (860) 627-7709

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