Abigail’s Grille & Wine Bar, Simsbury, Connecticut

IMG_0497aVisit to Abigail’s Grille & Wine Bar – March 23, 2014

Fireplaces mysteriously light themselves, furniture gets rearranged in the middle of the night and wine bottles crash to the floor seemingly without cause…welcome to Abigail’s. Built in 1780, the former Pettibone Tavern saw its share of colonial-era drama, including the murder of Abigail Pettibone. As the story goes, husband Jonathan returned home from a whaling trip to find Abigail with another man; Jonathan responded passionately with an axe. Abigail’s ghost has been widely reported to wander the premises.

Renamed Abigail’s by the current owner in 2008, the restaurant has a contemporary/colonial feel, with stylish modern furniture and fixtures mixed with vintage floors, built-ins and fireplaces. I had the pleasure of eating brunch there last Sunday. Although they offer a full menu, the prix fixe brunch includes coffee or tea, breakfast cocktail, choice of entree and dessert. I went with the Bloody Mary, Eggs Benedict and Chocolate Caramel Mousse Cake. Yummy. I’m not usually a big dessert fan, but even I could not resist that cake. Happy IMG_0489aSunday to me.

So, back to the ghosts. In addition to Abigail, a male figure (possibly her man-friend also murdered by Jonathan), a little boy and a tavern wench have been seen by guests and staff. The second-floor ladies room is an apparent hot spot, although ghostly pranks have been described throughout the building. Late one night, our server reportedly heard noises upstairs. Upon further inspection, he found that all the tables were stacked up in a darkened dining room. He also noted that sometimes after the lights are shut off, he has returned to find them switched on again.

All in all, the food at Abigail’s was delicious, the service attentive and friendly and the ghost stories plentiful. You can find Abigail’s Grille & Wine Bar at:

4 Hartford Road
Simsbury, CT 06089
Phone: (860) 264-1580
Website: http://abigailsgrill.com

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