Siam Orchid, Concord, New Hampshire

IMG_0453a Visit to Siam Orchid Thai Restaurant – February 17, 2014

According to New’s Haunted Places page, the Siam Orchid restaurant is haunted. Reportedly, drinking glasses are moved by unseen hands and “mysterious voices” are heard in the dining room and kitchen. It’s also said that sometimes, late at night, the people upstairs hear noises coming from the supposedly empty restaurant. Eager for details, I stopped in earlier this week for lunch. The restaurant looks exactly as it does on their web page and the menu is replete with Thai delicacies. Given all the appetizing choices, deciding what to eat turned out to be a bit of a challenge.

After choosing a steaming bowl of Chicken Bangkok Noodles, I inquired about the ghostly story I read online. Despite seeming to not understand my question at first, my server’s response was definitive: “no ghoIMG_0452ast.” Not exactly what I was hoping for. I mentioned that since I read it online, surely there must be some truth to it. His response, with a laugh, remained “no ghost.” I can’t say that I witnessed any shadowy shenanigans myself; my water glass stayed put and the only voices I heard came from the living. However, I did score me a mighty fine bowl of noodles.

So – ghost or no ghost? If you want to satisfy your own curiosity, go soon because Siam Orchid is moving sometime in the next couple of months. My server had nothing to offer with respect to the identity of the new tenant, so there’s hope for another haunted eatery to explore next time I find myself in Concord.

You can find Siam Orchid, at least for the next few weeks, at:

158 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: (603) 228-1529

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