The Gallows, Boston, Massachusetts

Visit to The Gallows – February 2, 2014IMG_0402a

The Gallows restaurant is located in South Boston where criminals, religious rebels and other Colonial-era offenders were publicly hanged in the 17th and 18th centuries. The bodies of the dead were then dumped or buried nearby, reportedly leaving unhappy ghosts to haunt the surrounding neighborhood. Fast-forward 300 years and The Gallows has quite a different feel. I stopped in for brunch last Sunday and enjoyed a tasty feast complete with a cocktail. Hint: If you go, anything they make with cornbread is well worth ordering, especially the pulled pork corn muffin – yummy!

With respect to ghosts inside the restaurant, our server indicated that sometimes, late at night, staffers are assaulted by IMG_0412flying table wedges (you know, those little shims used to stabilize rocky tables so your drinks don’t spill all over the place). This account was confirmed by a second staff member who claimed she herself was the focus of one such attack. But fear not – no mention was made of guests being harassed, so you can expect to enjoy your meal in relative peace.

All in all, despite that whatever haunts this place has questionable manners when it comes to restaurant workers, The Gallows is a great place to hang around and enjoy some good grub. You can find The Gallows at:

1395 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02118
Phone: (617) 425-0200

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